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Welcome to The Leslie, Blantyre’s finest.

The Leslie Executive Hotel stands as one of Blantyre’s cherished and renowned accommodations. Nestled at the heart of the business district and in close proximity to city hospitals, this inviting establishment has served as a ‘home away from home’ for numerous tourists and professionals for nearly three decades.

The journey of Leslie Lodge began as a small pine tree haven, evolving into the cherished home of Ray, Lynne and their family. Nestled in the iconic Tudor house designed by Ray himself, Leslie Lodge expanded organically, one room at a time. Lynn’s hospitality left an indelible mark as she welcomed business professionals to their family table. The lodge’s story is woven with tales of Blantyre adventures, enduring friendships, the warmth of Malawians, and, most importantly, the genuine, honest, and kind hospitality that became its hallmark.

In 2016, the Finches entrusted Zino and Stephanie with the lodge’s legacy. Responding to Blantyre’s growing allure, Zino expanded the lodge, transforming the original family home into additional rooms. After six joyous years as custodians, Zino and Stephanie passed the baton to the new owners, Taki and Ginny, and their partners Dave and Sandy. Connected both by family ties and long-standing friendships with the Finches, they now embark on the next phase of Leslie Lodge’s legacy.

Appreciating the lodge’s rich history and its significance to guests and the extended ‘family,’ the new custodians pledge to preserve its magical essence amidst the city’s hustle. Amid exciting plans to blend the old with the new, they officially rename the lodge ‘The Leslie,’ a nod to its affectionate nickname.

With blessings from the past, ‘The Leslie’ stands as an oasis in the bustling city, promising to honor its people and nurture the surrounding nature. As a new chapter unfolds, the custodians invite all to join them on this journey, eager to discover what the future holds. ‘The Leslie’ welcomes guests to share their stories, creating new chapters and fostering connections.

Warm regards, Taki, Ginny, Dave, and Sandy

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We look forward to welcoming you for a truly authentic Home Away from Home experience.